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Men`s Health
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Product description

Hytrin is a drug belonging to the group of alpha-blockers, which is used to cure high arterial tension and prostate adenoma. It expands the arterial and venous vessels, reduces the overall peripheral resistance (resistance of the blood vessels to the blood flow). Thus, it prevents heart attacks and kidney troubles that can occur in the case of constant high arterial tension.

In addition, experts noted the ability of Hytrin to reduce cholesterol in the blood.

An English company called ABBOTT LABORATORIES produces the remedy. The main active ingredient of Hytrin is Terazosin.

The measurement of the pharmaceutical is determined individually in each case. Usually, the remedy is effective in a daily dose of 1-5 mg in 1-2 divided doses. The maximum daily dose of the pharmaceutical remedy is 20 mg.

In the therapeutic care of prostatic adenoma, the dosage of Hytrin should increase gradually until the desired clinical effect is achieved. Usually, a dose of 5-10mg per day is recommended. It is necessary to monitor daily diuresis (urination) during the therapy with this pharmaceutical product.

The effect of symptomatic (facilitating the course of the disease without a significant effect on the underlying cause of its occurrence) is noted at least two weeks after the start of the process of intaking the remedy. Improved diuresis may be observed somewhat later.

Safety information

Previously the start of intaking the medication for fight benign prostatic hypertrophy, a malignant neoplasm of the prostate gland should be excluded. When the medication is chosen for persons with benign prostatic hypertrophy BP should be monitored at the beginning of the medical care and when the dose is changed during the course of the medical care.

Taking too much

The person who undergoes Hytrin care must consult with the therapist and follow the instructions for taking the pharmaceutical and do not exceed the dosage. In case of an over measurement, there is a high possibility of the side conditions, such as hypotension.

In the case of severe high tension, the existence of peripheral circulatory insufficiency, first of all, it is important to put the person in a supine position with raised lower limbs. If it is the high need, in case of shock, it is needed to appoint plasma-substituting agents, then vasopressors. Water and electrolyte balance cannot be maintained. Dialysis may be ineffective because HA is largely bound to plasma proteins. The pharmaceutical product is contraindicated in childhood. The drug has to be prescribed with attention to persons who suffer from liver failure. Persons with renal deficiency do not need the measurement adjustment.

It is not recommended for pregnant women and nursing mothers to take Hytrin, as the medication penetrates into the blood.

Side effects

Hytrin can lead to such adverse conditions as:

Asthenia, impaired clarity of vision, nasal congestion, nausea, peripheral edema, a tendency to lead to weight gain in people; reduction of hematocrit, hemoglobin, leukocytes.

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